Financial accounting research is the process that examines how financial accounting and financial marketing are utilized by firms, individuals, and the government as well as the possible consequences of these practices. Accounting research primarily focuses on quality and validation for the evaluation of the information needed. Moreover, the qualitative standard is required for effective and fair judgment of the validation of information collected.

Financial accounting research methods

  • Experimental Research MethodIt is the research that collects information that helps organizations and individuals to make better financial decisions. The experimental research method helps both organizations and individuals to understand the importance of the cause and effect of their decisions on their finances. Besides, organizations and individuals can use experimental research when there is an invariable behavior between the cause and effect of their financial decisions.

However, there are three primary types of experimental research designs that include a pre-experimental research design that involves keeping firms and individuals under tight observations after implementing factors that could have led to the causes and effects of their financial decisions. Moreover, true experimental research, offered by Finance assignment helper, depends on the statistical analysis of the organizations’ financial decisions to prove, or disapprove a hypothesis. This is considered the most accurate form of research. Quasi-experimental research is carried out when organizations decide to do random financial decisions.

Advantages of experimental research include;

  1. Both organizations and individuals receive specific results according to their demands.
  2. It is easy for firms, individuals and the government to identify the causes and effects of a hypothesis in their financial decisions.
  3. The researchers have a stronghold over variables to obtain desired results.
  4. Organizations and individuals can use the information collected for coming up with more ideas in their decision making.
  • Analytical research methodIs a research method that involves using critical thinking skills and the analysis of facts and information relevant to the research being conducted. Organizations and individuals use analytical research methods to find out the most accurate information when they are doing their financial decisions. After conducting the research the data collected is analyzed and used to support the ideas contributing to the decision making. Examples of analytical research methods include qualitative and quantitative research methods. Qualitative research method involves gathering data through an open-ended conversation that will lead to a mutual understanding. While quantitative research involves collecting data and performing statistical and mathematical techniques.

Advantages of analytical research method;

  1. The research provides accurate and relevant solutions that give instant to organizations and individuals.
  2. The analytical research method does not require heavy computation such as time and high resources.
  3. Organizations and individuals can easily identify changes in attitude within the target group of research.
  4. It is more flexible in providing useful insights.

However, analytical research method has the following disadvantages;

  • The research method cannot solve all the problems being experienced by organizations and individuals.
  • It requires the researchers to have high experiences in mathematical knowledge and skills to solve complex problems.
  • Due to the increase in computational capacity, it has become slow in comparison.

Archival research methods the method is used for gathering information from already existing sources. Examples of archival research methods include census records that contain information that was collected in the past.

Advantages of archival research methods.

  1. The fact that data had already been collected, the research method involves the substantial saving of resources such as time and money.
  2. Disadvantages of archival research methods
  • Data may be incorrect because it was collected by nonscientists.
  1. It is difficult to study the behaviors of both individuals and organizations.
  2. Researchers find it difficult to find appropriate records.
  3. It is impossible to come into conclusions casually.

Financial accounting research is very essential for both organizations and individuals. It helps them gather the information that will help them make the best decisions in their finances. Also, accounting research helps firms to focus on quality and validation for evaluation of the information needed. It is important to use the best and most reliable accounting research methods that will give great results.

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