The following include some of the most interesting historical topics.

  • Hurricane Katrina- This is a historical tropical cyclone that happened in the southeastern United States of America on 29th August 2005. It was caused by the interconnection between Tropical Depression Ten’s remains and tropical waves in the southeastern area of the Bahamas. It was ranked the deadliest hurricane ever to hit the United States because there was an estimation of more than 1833 individuals who died from the hurricane and millions of people were left homeless. Some hospitals were affected, the transportation sector was affected and also buildings and businesses were majorly affected by the hurricane. People contacted airborne diseases, they lacked proper medical care and there was a shortage of medical care.
  • Dropping the Atomic Bomb- It was on 6th and 9th August 1945, when the United States became the first country worldwide to use nuclear weapons during warfare. The United States dropped the first two atomic bombs on the Japanese city where it killed more than seventy people instantly. After three days, the United States dropped the second bomb over Nagasaki which killed the other forty thousand individuals. The atomic bomb warfare brought World War 11 to an end and marking the most devastating chapter in the world’s history. Besides, the dropping of nuclear weapons negatively impacted the environment. The bombs destroyed everything that was within a mile radius of its impact. Buildings, factories, roads, airports, and agricultural production were largely affected.
  • Prohibition- This was the legal prevention of manufacturing, selling, and transporting any alcoholic beverages in the United States of America from 1920 to 1933 which was under the terms of the eighteenth Amendment. The prohibition movement was as a result of controlling the moderation of which individuals consumed alcohol. However, even with the prohibition people still found new ways to quench themselves by drinking liquor which they had learned to make in their homes.
  • The Great Depression– The world suffered a major economic depression after there was a fall in the stock prices that originated from the United States affecting many other countries. The great depression caused a significant decrease in industrial production, more people became unemployed, and an increase in poverty, most people became homeless due to the high rise of living standards which they could not afford. Also, there was an increase in crime, banking panics, and a lack of quality healthcare. All the countries affected recovered from the great depression by abandoning the gold standards and currency devaluation that helped them to increase their money supplies.
  • The American Civil War- It took place between 1861 and 1865 and it was a war that happened between the Northern and Southern states in the United States. It was attributed to slavery when Abraham Lincoln was elected as the president and the southern states felt that they may get into trouble due to their slavery practices. The southern states started seceding from the United States and that how the Civil War started. There were major impacts of the war such as the abolishment of slavery, loss of more than sixty thousand lives, the southern states were devastated by the war which caused severe depression, industrial production was affected and there were major changes in the economy and political sectors.
  • The Civil Rights Movement- It happened between 1951 to 1960 where there were numerous movements of people throughout the United States and particularly in the southern region. The main objective of the civil rights movement was to end racial discrimination and segregation that was against black Americans. Black Americans were treated and respected as American citizens, they could own businesses, use the public infrastructures, and interact freely with other Americans.

If you are struggling with a history assignment, you can always seek help from history assignment help. These are some of the most interesting stories that have made history over the years. The topics caused severe impacts around their surroundings and across the world. However, some of the outcomes of the topic were positive and beneficial to the states.

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