Nursing is a profession within the healthcare department that focuses on the health care of individuals, families, and society. Nursing professionals provide quality health care to humans to maintain optimal health and quality of life in society. Besides, nurses have opportunities that can be found rarely in other professions. Nurses are allowed to choose shifts that will meet their needs hence allowing flexibility and balance for their personal life, family, and work. There is a great variety of work settings that nurses can choose to work for in case they tire from one type. Some of the nurses can choose to work as home caregivers, while others can work in hospitals and the specialty-care facilities. Moreover, nurses interact with all age groups and they are privileged to comfort people in whatever distress they are in. When compared to other professions, nursing manages to work in many locations which allows them to interact with different people from various cultures.

Types of nursing jobs in a hospital and their specialties

The nursing field is constantly evolving resulting in a variety of different types of nursing jobs.

  • Intensive care unit registered nurses- These are nurses who are found in the hospitals’ intensive care unit. They are skilled in providing complex health care to patients with very serious injuries and breathing difficulties. Also, known as critical care nurses they are commonly found in specialty hospitals where they interact with patients of certain age groups such as children and elderly people.
  • Medical-surgical nurses- These are a group of nurses that provide direct health care to adult patients in numerous settings. They are skilled to provide treatment for all kinds of sicknesses that need them to be flexible and provide quality care. Also, they are trained to carry out numerous tasks that encourage them to possess great organizational, technical, assessment, and prioritization skills.
  • Pediatric registered nurses- They are trained to care for children, infants, and adolescents who have various medical problems. Pediatric nurses are trained to diagnose a child’s disease as well as give emergency treatment to children who are seriously ill and injured. Besides, they are responsible for providing truthful information about the children’s health to the parents. They are responsible for educating the parents on how to offer quality home care to their children once they are discharged from the hospitals. Pediatric nurses offer educational programs such as the right diet to follow, the right prescription of medicines, how to dress wounds, and the everyday care of children.
  • Mental health nurses- These are nurses who have specialized in diagnosing and offering treatment to patients suffering from psychological disorders. They also offer counseling services to the patients which helps them to ease their mental and emotional needs.
  • Midwife nurses- These are nurses who specialize in taking care of pregnant women. They help pregnant women during the labor and delivery process as well as in their prenatal appointments. Besides, they are trained to give care to the new mothers after delivery and also offer to educate and counseling programs that will help them adjust to their new lives.
  • Neonatal Nurse- They are nurse professionals who help pregnant women as they give birth and directly afterward. They work in postpartum units and observe both the mothers and their newborns in the care units. Moreover, neonatal nurses are responsible for cleaning the babies as well as maintain favorable and hygienic conditions for the infants. They regularly monitor the babies’ health and noting down their health status and progress.

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