Psychology is the science that studies the state of mind, how it works, and its possible effects on individuals’ behavior. Psychology can be classified into various types to serve different purposes. They include, clinical psychology helps individuals to understand, predict, and prevent personal problems that are caused by distress and discomfort. Cognitive psychology deals with investigating and analyzing the internal mental processes of individuals such as memory, communication skills, learning, and problem-solving. Moreover, developmental psychology studies the changes that individuals go through as they interact with the environment.  Evolutionary psychology analyzes human behavior and how it has been affected during the evolution period. Forensic psychology involves investigating psychological factors that might influence a criminal case and later present it to the court of law.

6 most controversial issues in psychology

Controversial topics in psychology listed below.

  • Gender identity disorder- Perhaps this is the most common controversial issue of all the current disorders. Gender identity disorder involves people who do not accept their physical gender because they feel that it does not match their true gender. The main controversy about gender disorder is about its treatment. Individuals wonder whether it is okay to allow people to define themselves if they feel their gender is mismatched or should they be encouraged to accept their physical gender.
  • Marriage Equality- It involves the rights of two individuals who are legally married. There are continued ideological disagreements that involve beliefs regarding marriage. Individuals who support marriage equality believe that gender and sexual orientation should not determine whether people should get married or not in the eyes of the law. Also, supporters of marriage equality argue that individuals who do not qualify for traditional marriage should still be given equal rights as traditional couples. However, those who oppose marriage equality argue that a recognized marriage is only between a man and a woman. Also, the marriage equality opponents view nontraditional romantic marriages a sin according to the Bible.
  • Homosexuality- This is the most famous psychological controversy of all. It is associated with a mental disorder because some of the gays and lesbians go looking for treatment for their condition. According to a new study, homosexuality in gays may be as a result of genes that increase fertility in females. Other individuals argue that both lesbians and gays are attention seekers because they have insecurities that they are trying to fight within themselves.
  • Childhood bipolar disorder- Diagnosing children with a disorder that is thought to occur in adults is psychologically controversial. This is because most individuals believe that bipolar disorder only happens to adults. However, this is a condition that is caused by mood swings which are a result of depression and excessive excitement that affects both the mental and behavior of the child.
  • Child developmental factors- Child development has been debated over a long time. Some individuals believe that child development is genetic while the opponents believe that it is influenced by environmental factors. Besides, a child’s mental development, learning skills, and social interactions are majorly influenced by the kind nature they interact with.
  • Abortion- Abortion is a debate that raises disagreements about whether a pregnant woman has the right to terminate the pregnancy or keep it. Some individuals argue that pregnant women have the right to seek pregnancy termination because they are in control of their bodies. Other individuals believe that no one should have the right to access an abortion and they consider it murder. Opponents suggest that abortion can happen only when the mother is at a serious health risk. Therefore, abortion opponents urge those who want to practice abortions to seek official approval from the government.

Psychology has numerous burning issues that will never fail to attract controversy whenever discussions are surrounding them. Psychology paper writing services will help you in writing papers related to any of the listed controversial issues. The above issues are the commonly discussed issues since they attract high views because most of them are based on cultural, moral, and individual morals.

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