1. What is a Writing Coach and why do I need one?

I choose to call myself a Writing Coach because I play many roles for my clients: a teacher, cheerleader, advisor, taskmaster, and partner. I take on your goals as my own objectives, devising and executing strategies to get you into your dream school, the generous scholarship, or the prestigious grant. You can write your way into anything.

You need a Writing Coach whether you are a struggling student in need of additional tutoring, or a student who is currently excelling and in a position to apply for the most competitive schools and financial awards.

You also need a Writing Coach if you are a professional looking to be hired or up for promotion. Your written communication skills will be the deciding factor in whether or not you get the job.

Please note – a Writing Coach is not an essay writing service. I do not write clients’ essays, assignments, or application essays for them as that constitutes plagiarism.

2. What can a Writing Coach do for me?

Rather than using a pre-set curriculum or standardized tests, I tailor my approach to the client’s goals, interests, and abilities. There are no workbooks or quizzes. You learn how to write by writing. Sounds simple, but in practice, many people find it challenging to communicate their ideas in a coherent and succinct manner.

As a Writing Coach, my job is to help you learn not only the basic formal essay guidelines, but also, how to develop an original writing voice that makes you stand out from your peers.

Whether you need help on a single term paper, preparing an admissions essay, or applying for a job, I know the tips and tricks to catching the Selection Committee’s or Hiring Manager’s eye.

Please see the Services page for a full list of session options.

3. What experience do you have as a Writing Coach?

As an instructor, I have worked with students age 6 to 21+. Most recently, I worked at a large public university as a PhD student and Teaching Assistant. I worked with 40-100 students per semester, depending on the course. For every group of students, there were only a handful of competent writers. I worked with the rest, and saw a number of students each semester improve their writing by simply following my guidelines.

In 2011 I worked in Russia in 2011 as an English tutor for adults. In 2007 I tutored local high school students while attending the University of Notre Dame. From 2005-2006 I worked as an Educational Assistant at a Cincinnati Boys’ and Girls’ Club. Finally, in 2003 I was employed by a commercial learning center to teach young students reading, writing, and math.

My experience as a student also prepares me to serve as a Writing Coach. I wrote my way into full-funded graduate programs, three national scholarships, and a number of institutional grants during my time in academia. There is a strategic way to write your way to success.

4. What are my session options and where are sessions held?

In the spirit of putting my client’s schedule and convenience first, I am available 6am to 10pm to meet in person, over the phone, or via skype. If we meet in person we will do so in a public or campus library. Please note meetings are limited to a 25 mile radius around Tacoma, WA.

5. How do you predict a client’s success in obtaining their goal?

Are you motivated? Are you doing the little homework and research I ask between sessions? Are you challenging yourself to write strong essays that reflect a real intention to get the school, award, or job you are applying for? My methods work; do what I ask and you will become a confident, competent writer who is ready to aim high.

Communication with me between sessions (including any questions or an exchange of paper drafts) is completely free. I will never charge you more than the original session price.

6. What if the client has a learning disability?

I taught students at the university level with a learning disability. This just means we figure out together your optimal learning style and go from there.

7. What if English is the client’s second language?

I have worked with students at the college level and in Russia who are non-native speakers of English.

8. Can a business use Aim High‘s services?

Businesses can bring me in to coach their employees on writing. This can be a single seminar or a multi-session program.  Please contact me for my rates.