Jessica Peyton Roberts

Harvard University, M.A. in Russian Studies (2010)
University of Notre Dame, B.A. in History and Russian (2008)

I have seen firsthand, as both a graduate student and as an instructor, how a person’s writing ability determines his or her ability to succeed in academic and professional environments. 

I have extensive experience in academia, working with students from grade-school to college. Students have different learning styles and interests; consequently, I tailor my approach to the client’s needs. Having worked with learning-disabled students and those for whom English is a second language, I am comfortable coaching clients at various levels and competencies, including professionals who want to impress hiring managers with solid writing skills.

I will coach you on how to write your way into college, graduate school, and professional opportunities, as well as how to secure scholarships, grants, and promotions. 

I wrote my way into two fully funded graduate programs at Harvard University (2008) and Arizona State University (2010), as well as a Fulbright Award (2008) and a US Department of the State Title VIII Fellowship (2013). My adviser at Harvard later told me he approved my application because the research interests I expressed in my essay stood out. The essay component of any application will be the deciding factor in receiving an acceptance letter, scholarship, or hiring offer.

I choose to call myself a Writing Coach for a specific reason – a “coach” is a teacher, cheerleader, adviser, taskmaster, and partner in one. As a coach, your goals become our shared objective. And I always want you to aim high.

Students and professionals have the potential to tap into writing abilities they have possessed all along. I have helped former students learn the basics of formal essay guidelines, to analyze sources, and cultivate an original writing voice. As your coach, I am responsible for developing your self-confidence as a writer, ensuring long-term success in any liberal arts program or future professional route. My clients know they can aim high.