Enhancing Writing Skills for Young Professionals and High School, College, and Graduate Students

My name is Jessica Peyton Roberts and I am a Strategic Writing Specialist and Writing Coach.

Why are strong writing skills tips critical to your academic and career success?  The ability to write in a persuasive, clear, and concise manner is the single most important factor in communicating your ideas, talents, plans, and opinions to others. 

Whether you are preparing a college application, a college scholarshipgrant application, or professional resume, it is essential that you possess outstanding written communication abilities.

Why Hire a Writing Coach?

A set of strong writing skills is the single most essential component for preparing for college, writing a compelling college applications essay, securing college scholarships, or producing a professional resume.

What is the most common complaint of hiring managers?  The overwhelming majority of hiring managers (and senior executives) cite the difficulty in finding applicants with critical thinking skills and the ability to clearly state and defend their views in written communications.  An inability to write well can significantly limit your long-term career potential.

It starts in school, where writing is rarely taught directly, with teachers instead expected to weave it into other subject areas. As a result, many students enter college unprepared to write at the college-level, especially in liberal arts programs. This can result in poor grades, and erode a student’s confidence in his or her abilities to succeed in a university setting. This remains an unresolved problem, carrying over into the professional realm.

Who Needs a Writing Coach?

Parents: Are you unsure of how to best prepare your children for college and how to assist them with their college search?

Students: Do you know how to research and develop a college list, compose college application essays, find college scholarships, and meet college application deadlines?

Professionals: Would you like assistance strengthening your business communication skills and with writing a competitive professional resume to get noticed by hiring managers?

How a Writing Coach Works

Whether you are a young professional working to advance your career or a student in high school, college, or graduate school, I will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses as a writer.  I will work with you on a one-on-one basis to reach your individual goals from general writing tutoring, to strategizing about the college applications process, to winning a scholarship or academic grant.

When you are confident about your writing abilities, you are ready to aim high – pick your dream school, generous college scholarship, or the competitive job.

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